Best Bachelorette Spots in India


We were in the midst of penning down a travel treat for the men before they say farewell to their oh so boundless bachelorhood, but wait a second, almost everyone has a stack of places to visit for men and not much information has been offered to the ladies, so we decided to scrap the men  and talk to the ladies:)

Come to think of it, as a woman, you don’t span out very many choices for a bachelorette due to a lot of reasons – safety being the primary and then comes the culture shock which is certain to pull back even the well travelled eggs!

The travel choices we are talking about here are suggested keeping in mind all pocket sizes and off course the comfort to be and do anything you would want to while at your bachelorette.


This is more of a high street  access, custom made night life, theme parties or bask in the dunes. Rajasthan offers you everything under the sun, literally.  Pushkar,   Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur and the list goes on. Apart from giving you the much required freedom the place also gifts you solitude for reflection which we know is much required before you take the final leap.  Personally we think this is one of the safest states for women whilst offering you the freedom and privacy to pursue whatever you would want to.

Bangalore, Karnataka

Young ,vibrant and a city which loves its beer is our perspective of Bangalore. Being home to a diverse working and young population, this city is open minded and always open for new experiments. Besides there are a lot of neighbouring places (write to us for the list) you could hop for a drive. Quiet coffee & tea estates, lakes, staying in tree houses are some of the nearby offerings. Ashrams, Vedic spas and remote luxury hotels adorn the rich soil of these lands. Coupled with the nightlife the city offers, this is the perfect spot for a divine bachelorette! P.S. The weather will be great always 🙂


This one needs no introduction. This place has set the bar so high that our other contenders have some catching up to do. An international party destination, beautiful nightlife, vibrant  culture, happy people, safe neighbourhood, beautiful beaches, that is how we would sum up Goa. Enjoy the overnight parties, stay at the luxurious W Goa or just take a road-trip to chill at the beaches of your choice – this place has everything to offer for a perfect insane bachelorette. A word of caution though, Goa is best visited from late September till Mid February, but for die-hard fans there are no limitations!



As you might already be aware, a road-trip to Leh is a bucket list item for almost every Indian who loves to travel. Right from the Manali-Leh highway which includes multiple passes, breathtaking lakes, the most scenic snow topped Himalayan ranges to narrow roads that almost scare you and make you admire the beauty like never before. Staying in an Eco-resort in Nubhra Valley, planning a dinner with the locals, driving down to Pangong So lake and driving through the Highest Motorable Pass are some of the things that we recommend. A word of caution though – the journey to Leh aren’t for the faint hearted as it can be pretty challenging both mentally and physically due to the unpredictable weather and terrains, best time to visit is from May till August.


Ever heard of the phrase, Girls just wanna have fun – Andamans offer every bit of the excitement and fun that you would expect on such a trip. Pristine crystal clear water, beautiful coral reefs, lush green rainforests sum up for a perfect laid back and enjoyable vacation with your girl friends. That is not all, for the more adventurous kind – Deep sea diving, snorkelling will be a perfect muse. Did you know there are 572 islands around the Andamans which makes it a great spot for island hopping too.

Want to add to the list! Please write to us about your bachelorette and we will publish your guest post!

As always thank you for reading and leave your suggestions/comments! Bon Voyage ladies

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