The Butterfly Effect

4 Days

Full Time

Theory and Practical Workshop


Can butterflies and moths remember what they learn? Curious question, isn't it! We all are fascinated about these colourful fluttering beings. We see them everywhere around in our backyard, in gardens and even on mud. But do we really know much about them? Here is your chance to understand everything about butterflies. We bring you a practical , fun field workshop course to learn about these winged beauties. Throughout this course, you will be able to understand the identification of various butterflies, their classification, life cycle, places to visit to observe butterflies, life span, their habits and much more. What more, participants will also receive guidance on butterfly gardening!

Identify and get intimate with butterflies and moths, guided tours of the collection. basic and advanced courses and workshops for participants. Great nest for birding enthusiast's . Spend time in the company of woodpeckers, barbets, bulbuls, parakeets, flycatchers, nuthatches, owls etc... Access the private forest trail for awesome nature hikes. Spot deer, leopards and smaller mammals on the lawn. The Researcher has Discovered, named and described 3 new subspecies of Indian butterflies; pioneered use of Lepidopteran community as bio-indicators of climatic change; pioneered analysis of Lepidopteran community as an indicator of forest health and ground water; etc.

The bungalow was built in the 1860s and contains period furniture. Simple yet cozy accommodation. There are two bedrooms which accommodate (2 PAX + 3 PAX) each and a common space which accommodates 3 PAX.

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Basic Course is accessible for INR 6,000/- ( Including Accommodation and Food) Advanced course is accessible for INR 8,000/- ( Including Accommodation and Food)

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