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We are Ecohunters. We are a Travel company. That's likely oversimplified but we like to keep it simple. We believe passionately in travel, naps, good food, great friends, long talks, broadened horizons + a spirit of adventure. Sound's good! So why don't you come in and see if we can be friends!

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per night for 2 guests

Nestled in the midst of the Arabian Sea, this private island resort is one of its kind. The island was inherited  about a 120 years ago by a Indian family from the Portuguese and Imperial traders. Today it offers one of the finest luxury experiences to a love lorn traveller. All Aboard, Lets Sail!
ecohunters villa
Our Flagship Private Villa
Located in a island 20 km from Panjim in the lesser traveled Goa, this secluded villa offers a fantastic treat for the senses. A perfect place for self reflection ,interaction with nature, realigning of goals , get togethers and family bonding. This Ecohunters country villa comes fully equipped with a pool , staff and all amenities to make your stay absolutely hassle free.

per night for 2 guests

Peace, tranquility and luxury ! Snuggled amidst lush greenery, these villas were designed with luxury and ecological balance given equal thought. Spread across 40 acres on a coffee estate, these villas were built with very minimal clearing of land, preserving native fauna and flora as is.

per night double occupancy

Boasting of an excellent location with awesome views of the lush valley, this eco luxury resort offers the best of visual experiences. Inspired by the British style wooden architecture, the resort presents two stunning categories of cabins, a romantic restaurant overlooking the valley, a bar to relax, as well as an activity centre and amphitheatre.
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