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Composting for DUMMIES!

In this 1 hour paid online workshop, you will learn simple steps to make your own compost from your everyday kitchen waste - vegetable peels, fruit cores etc. We will also be answering questions about everything composting. If you have tried composting and have any specific question, feel free to ask during the workshop. ₹ 299/- Only

Mandala Art

In this workshop, Prerna will guide us through the techniques to create beautiful Mandalas. She will also show us how to make different kinds of traditional backgrounds using tea/coffee and turmeric. The workshop will be interactive, and Prerna will talk to us, and look at our progress to guide us individually. ₹ 330/- Only

Voice Meditation for Chakra Awarness

This is an one hour interactive workshop where our facilitator will listen to each of our "uchchaaran" (pronunciation) and correct us where necessary before starting with the meditation. He will be joined by Walter Aasf, a deeply talented Sitar player with years of training and experience in his craft. Walter will provide live Sitar music for the meditation. This workshop will not only calm the waters of our mind, it will also open our vocal chords, resonating deeply with the mantra of each Chakra.

Celebrate Parenting Through Storytelling

Do you wish you could tell impromptu, amazing stories to your children or grandchildren? Do you wish that your values could be shared with your children simply and intuitively? Please join us for this hands-on, interactive and thought provoking workshop on storytelling.