Breaking the Bottled Water Habit

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Breaking the Bottled Water Habit


First of all, pat yourself on the back for seeking a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to buying plastic bottles in bulk! In doing so, you’re not only making your life a lot easier, but you’re also helping to prevent tons of plastic from reaching the ocean floor.

An Avid traveler and the founder of an adventure travel startup – ecohunters.in , My work takes me to various parts of the country looking to curate exclusive experiences for individuals. With extensive travel, comes the need to maintain adequate sustenance with sustainability in mind. Water being a key component and need.

Up until now, adventure traveler’s heading to places where water is questionable had few choices: bring a UV-light-equipped sterilising pen, a hand-pump filter that takes time and energy or chlorine- or iodine-based tablets that purify but take at least 30 minutes to work. Now, water bottle companies such as PAANY, has gotten smarter and are equipping bottles themselves with technologies, conveniently combining drinking vessels and purifiers into one neat bundle. It’s time to ditch the single-use plastic water bottle for good.

A portable filter bottle is always a good choice to carry along during travel. You don’t have to buy any mineral water bottles during travel. This way you can save lots of plastics and help in saving the environment.

If you’re traveling to a destination where the tap water isn’t drinkable, a purifier water bottle is the best option for your trip. It’s the best way to reduce your carbon footprint around drink consumption and avoid using plastic water bottles that aren’t likely to be recycled.

Chances are, you’re here because finding drinking water is easy but finding the right reusable water bottle for your lifestyle is surprisingly overwhelming. With a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and features to choose from, what seems like a simple enough task can turn into hours of scouring the web for a workable way to stay hydrated when on the go. Finding the perfect water bottle has proved to be a journey not unlike that of finding the perfect pair of jeans or your lifelong winter coat. PAANY’s filtered water bottle is the new end game.

Water bottles have been this constant annoyance in my life. I want one because it helps cut down on one-time plastic use, something I’ve had to buy more often than I’d like to; helps increase my personal water intake. Having said that, most water bottles available are found to be leaky, heavy, metallic-tasting, or some other level of annoying. That is, until I tried PAANY’s water filter bottles. It’s easy to use, spill-proof, and about as sustainable as you could want your water bottle to be.

PAANY water filter bottle is a do-it-all versatile water purifier and filtration system in one, and the easiest to use and drink from of all the bottles we tested. It both filters and purifies using a high-tech hollow fiber membrane system which prevents bacteria from entering the water ensuring 99.9999% of water is free from infectious bacteria which can make you sick.

Aside from its impeccable construction, PAANY of course brings its clean-water expertise to the bottle, too. The high-tech hollow fiber membrane system inside filters the water as you sip it. So not only is it a pleasant experience, but the water itself tastes clean every sip you take.


Don’t be fooled: Water can have a taste. PAANY’s filter competence makes sure that taste is always, always good.

 ECOHUNTERS not only brings to you highly curated experiences, locations and activities, it functions with sustainability at its very core. When you’re traveling and without ready access to drinkable water, your first instinct is to reach for bottled water. Pretty soon, your wallet is suffering from that expensive bottled water. And you’re not feeling much environmental love with the plastic bottles you discard.

The solution? A sturdy, travel water bottle. As trusty and loyal as your best backpack, the PAANY water bottle serves as an eco-conscious investment in the earth and your health

We promote responsible travel at ECOHUNTERS’ and with this responsibility comes the need to preserve. With pollution being everywhere around us, it has become very important for all of us to not compromise with our health and belongings even for a second. Water is the basic necessity of life and having clean water to drink is equally important. It is always safe and better to invest in a filtered water bottle which can cost you a bit but will at least keep you healthy and safe from drinking unfiltered water. So, before packing for your next trip, ensure you have your PAANY water filter packed and ready for a hassle free, sustainable and responsible experience.

To Know more about PAANY and how it works for you , take a sip at : http://private.paany-filter.com/

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