Celebrate Parenting Through Storytelling
Do you wish you could tell impromptu, amazing stories to your children or grandchildren? Do you wish that your values could be shared with your children simply and intuitively? Please join us for this hands-on, interactive and thought provoking workshop on storytelling.
Smirti Raj
Siddarth Raj
Purva Nagpal
Team Ecohunters

Why the Workshop

Storytelling is the oldest form of bonding. Stories not just provide wholesome entertainment to children, they also convey values, beliefs, attitudes and social norms which, in turn, shape children’s perceptions of reality. They are like a magic thread that weaves together a beautiful world for all of us!

When parents choose the right threads with awareness, a world of diverse possibilities unfolds with every story. It creates connection and nurtures the feeling of love and empowerment in the child-parent relationship.

This workshop is as much about discovering and learning the art of storytelling as it is about finding your own voice, remembering your values, and getting down and having some fun!

Presentation Format

This is a two part or two series workshop. The sessions are designed on the basis of the objectives of the participants. This is a process based learning exchange where the participants act as a resource. We shall introduce the concept of Storytelling through various forms of Art - Painting, Writing, Poetry, Song writing, Body movement, Theatre activities, Games, and Meditation.

What this workshop aims to nurture

Join us on 19th and 20th September to explore, rediscover and liberate ourselves with those marvellous stories that -

  • Awaken our senses
  • Unleash Randomness
  • Facilitate Creative Thinking
  • Explore Home as a Lab of Experiments
  • Cultivate Relationships
  • Nourish Leadership
  • Unite us with our children in the World of Imagination
  • Raises our Self awareness and Social awareness
  • Facilitate Self Love
  • Connect Us to our Ancestors & Roots
  • Honour Diversity
  • Create an Intergenerational Learning Platform
  • Preserve and Nurture our Local Wisdom
  • Identify and Imbibe Values
  • Build Parent-Child Equality and Respect by addressing the Social, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual aspects of child-parent growth.

Participant Requirements:

Apart from being parents, aspiring parents or grand parents, It will be nice if you can keep chart papers, poster colours/watercolour, sketch pen, crayons, and element from nature that call to you, pencil, newspaper, wash cloth, notebook, pen, small plates/bowls, water. We don't need erasers.

I Am Excited - What Should I Do To Attend ?

Join us for a online interactive program via zoom on the 19 September 2020 from 4:00 PM -5:30 PM and on the 20 September, 2020 from 4:00 PM -5:30 PM for part 2 of this 2 series workshop.

Click to Register Now!

Next Steps:

Once registered the online link will be shared two hours prior to the workshop, so don't forget to check your inbox.

Smriti - Facilitator Profile

Smriti is a passionate, evolutionary, ardent Theatre of Relevance practitioner and initiator currently writing, conceptualising and initiating theatre based modules at individual, institutional, Indian and international level while addressing the need to be humane and connect with life.From animation to performing in a play called Laadli (Population First campaign against sex-selective abortion) at NCPA, Smriti quotes this passion to spread awareness through artistic expression has and will always be her elixir.

Siddarth - Facilitator Profile

Siddharth is a visionary, revolutionary storyteller-animation film maker and healer driven to spread happiness and togetherness through his thought-provoking, evolutionary, unifying and humanifying stories. Siddharth took a conscious leap from the field of microbiology into the field of storytelling and animation. The versatile creator, storyteller and producer is also co-producing an animated series along with Toonz Media Group, Assemblage Entertainment and Citrus Ink Studios.His love for sharing the art of story ideation, visualisation and 3D animation have provided a healthy ground for students across several animation schools across India such as National Institute of Design, Whistling Woods and MAAC.

A Parent's Heartfelt review of a Story Telling Workshop

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