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Solo Travel

Stagnation begins in the realm of comfort. It is only the absence of the same that ensues a path for change and when in pursuit of that challenge you find change. Travelling solo is just that. It is the beginning of change within. The fact that solo travel sets the individual on the trail of self discovery, as he or she plunge themselves in the unexpected and unforeseen forays of a journey and make no mistakes, there is every possibility of them desiring to have a repeat !

Real time travel tips for introverts

The travel bug hasn’t spared even the meekest of individuals to step out and explore. Pictures of half naked revellers jumping off a lagoon, may be a opportunity to meet a beautiful someone or an experience which translates to some real soul cleansing ! While all of us look forward to such a get away, some can’t seem to indulge in the moment

Here's a crash course on the eight sisters

May of us want to visit the North East and have seriously explored the idea at-least once. There are a few who have a picture about the history and the present of these 8 sisters. You would be surprised to read how advanced or should i say forward thinking , inclusive their society is. This blog aims to bring forth a few things, many of us would not be aware off ! Read on and be informed !


Holidays often start as a wonderful idea and eventually become a nightmare. Often neglected, many considerations and reflections are needed to perfectly organize touring projects. Lack of travel planning knowledge often leads to “invisible obstacles” on vacation. Here are some useful tips for planning a trip that will end chaos by optimising your vacation for perfect harmony and bliss.

Breaking the Bottled Water Habit

First of all, pat yourself on the back for seeking a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to buying plastic bottles in bulk! In doing so, you’re not only making your life a lot easier, but you’re also helping to prevent tons of plastic from reaching the ocean floor.An Avid traveler and the founder of an adventure travel startup – ecohunters.in , My work takes me to various parts of the country looking to curate exclusive experiences for individuals.

9 Experiential Solo Travel Destinations In India under 30k

One of the things of beauty about Solo travel ~ no fuzzy logic here!~ pick a place and go without having to bother about heavy duty logistics, location access, weather pattern or type of food available. Lets explore some awesome solo travel destinations offering a different perspective and diverse experiences to suit your soul and your pocket too! Local interaction, experience a are the pillars for a solo destination

Here’s how popularising Leh is playing out!

Movies play a significant role in our world of entertainment. Be it Fashion, Humour, Style, Culture, Haute-Couture or Travel ~ movies have been the first influencers to the millions of audiences young and old! Two such movies Dil Chahta hai (2001) and 3 idiots (2003) ~ play out storylines which are close to a lot of heart’s ! but here’s the frame we want to focus on~ both these movies were shot in Leh and this box office result wasn’t pleasing.

Dark Tourism

Tina Enghoff, a photographer from Denmark, has a peculiar practice. She visits houses, in Scandinavia, of people who have recently deceased and takes pictures of their place. Her photo albums, and even one exhibition, is constituted completely of eerie portraits of lives of people who lived until recently, told entirely through their furniture, walls and personal belongings. If you ask her why, Tina will tell you ‘…because you can tell a lot about a person’s life by seeing where they died. ‘

How to survive the Indian Pickpocket

The inspiration for this article is a recent group from the US and UK visiting India for the first time. And guess who greeted them at the railway station. The very swift agile and hungry Indian pick Pocket or (pocket maar in local lingo), Yes that’s right, though the loss in foreign exchange wasn’t much ;), it’s still a mood dampener. So here’s some advice on how to beat them at their own game!.

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