Leisure Trips for Couples in Andaman Islands
A destination for all ages, Andamans is a group of 527 islands of only 37 are inhabited and accessible. Coral reefs , Virgin Shores, Azure Waters , White Sandy beaches greet you in these humble , multicultural islands. Scuba, Snorkel in one of the best destinations in Asia with rich marine life and magnificent dive sites or check out active mud volcanoes, ride through mangrove forests and trek through the evergreen forests- Theres always more to do in the Andaman islands.
Team Ecohunters

Andaman, also known as the Coral capital of India is a must visit for folks who are water babies. These exotic islands play the perfect host for travel enthusiasts of all ages, especially couples. If you have been to destinations such as Maldives or Seychelles , the Andaman islands are not far behind. With exotic sunsets, white sandy beaches, unspoilt coral reefs teeming with marine life , a ton of adventure and soft adventure activities like Scuba Diving, Snorkelling , Beach Strolling, Mangrove rides and more the Andaman islands are a prize catch.

The Andaman Honey Moon Experience

Secluded beaches with miles of white sand shore lines are a treat for the senses. The idea of a couples trip in Andaman islands is made more inviting than other popular destinations such as Goa, thanks to the less crowded shores, mesmerising views, enticing locations which ensure uninterrupted quality time for couples. Well now that you have read "uninterrupted quality time " you must be thinking , wonder how much that quality time will cost!

Picture-Perfect Andaman
Picture-Perfect Andaman Map

Picture-Perfect Andaman

Crystal, blue oceans, exotic wildlife, and a touch of history. The turquoise waters of one of Asia's top ten beaches and sightseeing in Port Blair are only a taste of what is in store for you!

Quality Experiences that fit every pocket

Well its not a" buy one get one deal "! These are carefully curated itineraries with much thought put into them. The idea is to ensure quality experiences and not focus on- "lets see everything in this trip". We want you to take it slow, savour your trip, spend quality time and indulge in experiences. There's always more to be seen, no what matter which place one visits, so rushing through a trip to cover "All Destinations" is never a good idea. There's always more to discover.

So,what are these "Quality Experiences" or is it a selling strategy ?

These "Quality Experiences" come in the form of all-inclusive itineraries. All-inclusive itineraries ensure your choice of budget- from Deluxe 3* services to Premium and Luxury 5* services. The all-inclusive itineraries ensure certain amenities are common such as - a dedicated transport ( Sedan/Hatchback) throughout your duration of stay, a guide , activities mentioned in the itineraries, so which ever service you choose you will have access to these premium amenities.

Hmmm Ok, what is the ideal duration to visit

Ecohunters has more than 40 experiences ( different itineraries) that a traveller can indulge in Andaman Islands. We have currently presented 12 experiences ranging from one night (1 Night /1 Day) which is the shortest to seven nights ( 7 Nights / 8 Days) which is the longest. Incase you are looking to top up your trip with added activities or days, we are listening!

Andaman Adventures
Andaman Adventures Map

Andaman Adventures

This is part one of adventures in Andamans. Multiple islands , white sandy beaches, clear blue waters are in the offing! Step in and read more

What are the Safety Precautions !

All accommodations listed in the itinerary/itineraries follow standard safety and hygiene protocols

  • Enhanced cleaning and safety measures are currently in place.
  • All common areas are sanitised periodically, guests are provided with face masks and hand sanitiser.
  • Social distancing measures are in place: We encourage room service, contactless check-in and check-out.
  • Guests' body temperature is recorded upon check-in. We might require travel history and relevant information regarding your previous stay.
  • Each room is kept vacant in-between check-ins.
  • Sanitised Private Transport

Well Ok, let me think about this!

While you take your time to make up your mind, we will keep curating some more wonderful trips for you. Well ,see you soon, don't take too long ! There's nothing like the sea , sun and sand to unwind. Also don't leave before checking out our other trips and stay tuned for upcoming trips ~ like no other !

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