Don't be a nitwit- Tips every hiker should know for trail courtesy !
When one is setting off on an adventure which involves esp. trekking or hiking there are multiple things to plan and be aware off. For example pre- preparation , testing ones physical- mental endurance , the trail to pick, what to pack ,so on and so forth. While this is a typical pre-preparation routine most of us are aware off, here are unspoken , unwritten rules of the hiking , trekking world, universally accepted by trail users, adventurers esp. beginners should be aware off. These exist only to better the experience for everyone on trail and off it
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Tip #1 On all hiking trails those ascending or moving upwards have the right of way

Right of Way

If there's something we as Indians are too used too, it is undoubtedly -standing in a queue or being stuck in a traffic jam and even during this ordeal , we are constantly fighting for right of way - whether it is our turn or not -the end result - chaos ! Juxtapose this scenario to popular trails like , Valley of Flowers or Brahmatal or Kedarkantha the out put is a similar chaos - folks want to possess every square inch footage available to them on the trail. The solution is simple ,

When descending make sure you move to let the folks ascending pass whether they are humans or mules or llamas or yak carrying your porterage.

Tip # 2 : Be Polite, Don't look down upon folks moving slowly or those who are beginners

Slow Passage

Many a times we find folks ahead of us are not as quick , if their pace is slower than yours you might find you need to keep adjusting your pace accordingly or vice versa, in such a scenario be sure to pass them with ease and neutral body language. There's no need to exchange aggressive looks , sighs or look down upon them just because they move slowly. Find a wide spot on the trail to cross them and you might want to say a friendly - hello - while taking a pass .

Also don't tailgate , if you find your pace is slow allow others to pass voluntarily , you will enjoy the wilderness more!

The Kedarkantha
The Kedarkantha Map

The Kedarkantha

Located in the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary at an elevation of 12,500 ft , the Kedarkantha is a moderate winter trek which takes you through the snow clad routes among the oak, pine forests.

Tip #3 : Keep your noise , music , conversations to yourself

Music , Sound and Selfies!

Oh what a beautiful spot this is - lemme call my bestie so that they can share the moment too- is a good thought but be aware you are sharing the wilderness with other folks - so keep the excitement to yourself- other's might want the quiet , after all that's why they are here. We love our music and conversations , doesn't mean others do , this might be noise for some one else. Check your decibel levels - any sound is louder in the wilderness.

Be considerate to folks around you and their privacy - tone it down .

Tip #4 : Keep it simple, don't force your presence or likes on fellow hikers- nobody likes unsolicited advise .

Interacting with other Hikers

We are a curious lot. See that girl or group of girls hiking - how do I get their attention so I can strike a conversation with them- might not always work . The best way to seek attention is not to seek it - confusious doesn't say - my personal experience does ! Keep the interaction friendly and to a short to a- Hello or a Hi , if this gesture turns into a conversation keep it friendly.

Be Nice and mindful of others privacy and space.

Tip#5 : Be a responsible pet owner

Hiking with Pets

Who doesn't love to share the adventure with pets or furry friends. Be sure to inquire with the organiser of this is a pet friendly trail. Carry poop bags and never leave a poop bag lying on the trail. Let your pet off the leash only where advised and only if your pet follow's your voice command to the T. Be aware of fellow hikers on the trail - don't let your pet get in to their space , which they might not like or want at that instant.

Tip #6: No Trash or Personal Trace

Leave no Trash or Trace

Let's face it - you are not going to trek to 10,000 ft just too see your name you have carved on the bark of a tree. Refrain from carving your names on tree barks or to alter anything in the natural habitat. It's not your home or space to do so, imagine someone doing just that in your home or in your bedroom, exactly - you will probably implode half way to the thought of it

Be mindful of your carbon foot print and what you leave behind when you visit a place. Take back only memories !

Tip#7 Respect other's space

Traveling with Group or Family and Friends

Sharing travel with friends and family is pure joy. Be aware that a large group makes ample noise , needs ample space which leads to imposition of space of other hikers, trekkers or travellers.

Be aware of your space and be considerate to fellow travellers for hassle free travel.

Kang Yatse II
Kang Yatse II Map

Kang Yatse II

This is a 20,000+ ft expedition, one of the highest technical trek in the Ladakh basin. A challenging trail owing to the terrain, climb gradient and altitude makes this a dream to achieve

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