Dharansi Pass Trek
A trek to the inner sanctum of Nanda Devi: Lata Village > Lata Kharak > Dharansi Pass Camp > Debrugheta > Dharansi Pass Camp >Lata Kharak > Joshimath

A true high altitude adventure through its DNA. The Dharansi Pass trek is one of the most sought after trek in the western himalayas. The trek passes through the magnificent Nanda Devi Sanctuary, an amphitheater of seventy miles of endless himalayan peaks adjacent to the Rishi Ganga valley.

Note: We encourage responsible tourism. Practice these guidelines while on a trip!


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Non Veg


15 to 65 years



Fitness Guide

  • Requires basic fitness like the ability to Jog/ Brisk-walk in continuity for 3/4 kms.
  • Since the trek will have long strides on some days , its important you have no breathe related challenges. Do basic breathing exercise to increase your lung intake capacity.
  • While practicing this don't forget to stretch

Who is this tour for?

Solo Women, Solo Men, Young Age Couple, Middle Age Couple , Group of Couples, Mixed Group

Note: This is a group tour. Minimum group size is 12 people

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Tour Experience

Over View:

Max Altitude : 14,000 ft | Trek Distance : 58 kms

The scarce access to the inner sanctum of The Nanda Devi sanctuary makes this trek one of the most sought after treks in the Garhwal Himalayas. Due to the restrictions on this trail, it is one of the least visited and virgin trails in the Garhwal Himalayas. The trek from Lata Village was banned for a long time but recently it has been partially re-opened for a limited number for trekkers every year. 

Dharansi Pass gives you an opportunity to peak into the protected Nanda Devi Sanctuary. No other trek gets as close to this divine landscape

Peak Sightings from the Nanda Devi Sanctuary at 14,000ft

Nanda Devi (7816mts) & Nanda Devi East (7430mts), Dunagiri (7066mts), Trishul (7120mts), Devisthan (6678mts), Bethartoli (6352mts) ,Changabang (6864 mtr), Gauri Parbat (6708 mtr), Hathi Parbat (6727 mtr), Nanda Ghunti (6309 mtr), Bethattoli Himal (6352 mtr), Devistan (6678 mtr), Bethattoli South (6318 mtr)

7N/ 8D

Next Departures:
  • Oct 01, 2022

You will be doing:

Wild life spotting
Bird Watching
Village Walk
Jungle Walk
Hi-Altitude Camping
Village Stay
Glacier watching

You will be experiencing:

Wild Life
High Altitude
Village Life
World Heritage Site
Hill Station


1 Welcome Adventurer

Welcome Aboard !

Hope you are as excited as we are to undertake this magnificent journey. Our first day is mostly spent travelling to Joshimath from Rishikesh / Dehradun. It a longish drive , depending on road conditions one should reach Joshimath before sundown.

  • Rishikesh/Dehradun/Haridwar
  • Joshimath
260 km None
None +
Budget Hotel
Hill Station

A relatively easy day today. We leave the hill town of Joshimath and head on deeper into the mountains to reach the head of the village- Lata. It takes 25 KM of narrow mountain roads to get to Lata village head. From here we trek to reach Lata village.

Once at Lata village we explore this beautiful village at our own pace, interact with the village folks over a cup of tea.

  • Joshimath 6696 ft
  • Lata Village 7776 ft
25 km 2 km
Lata Village
Hi Altitude Nature Camp
Trekking, Hi-Altitude Camping, Village Stay, Local Interaction, Photography
Nature, Village Life, Culture
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Todays trail passes through dense Oak and Rhododendron forests of the Garwahal Himalayas. We gradually gain altitude as we pass from one ridge to another with a side steam flowing along our trail.

Once we cross the second stream the trail gets steeper and after a series of switch backs we reach the village of Lata karak.

The trail is a bit tough but the unfolding landscape and views as we gain altitude make it a breeze !

  • Lata Village 7776 ft
  • Lata Kharak 12140 ft
None 9 km
Lata Kharak
Hi Altitude Nature Camp
Trekking, Jungle Walk, Hi-Altitude Camping, Photography
Nature, Adventure
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Wake up to find yourself surrounded by towering snow clad peaks Dronagiri, Nanda Ghunti and many more of their cousins . After breakfast in the company of these snow clad giant's we start today's trail to Dharansi Pass.

The trail from Lata Kharak to Jandi dhar is a steep climb. From Jandi Dhar we gain pace as we walk on a flats until a further 500 metres . From here the trails gets steeper to reach Bagfyana pass.

From here on it ascends and descends through the narrow gorge of Satkul to reach Dharansi Pass.

We have a camping permit at Dharansi Pass so we spend the night here among these giants waking upto find Nanda Devi and all its cousins is full glory

  • Lata Kharak 12139 ft
  • Dharansi Pass 14,000 ft
None 10 km
Dharansi Pass Camp Site
Hi Altitude Nature Camp
Trekking, Jungle Walk, Hi-Altitude Camping, Photography
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Our aim is to trek further up to Debrughati. Most start descent after the Dharansi pass trail, mostly due to lack of permission to climb further. We continue to stay on the trail . Our aim is to get as close to the inner sanctuary.

We cross the Malathuni Pass and head down to the gorgeous alp of Dibrughati. Beyond Dibrughati lies the Rishi Ganga river and the off-limits inner sanctuary. This is the end of line , this is the farthest human steps can get to.

  • Dharansi Pass 14,000 ft
  • Debrughati 14,200 ft
None 14 km
Dharansi Pass
Hi Altitude Nature Camp
Trekking, Hi-Altitude Camping, Jungle Walk, Glacier watching, Hi-Altitude Camping
Nature, Adventure
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Its not everyday that one get to wake up at 14,000 ft surrounded by himalayan snow clad giants. These is second time lucky as we leave these heights to descend to to Lata Kahrak.

  • Dharansi Pass 14000 ft
  • Lata Kharak 12140 ft
None 10 km
Lata Kharak
Hi Altitude Nature Camp
Trekking, Jungle Walk, Village Walk, Hi-Altitude Camping, Glacier watching
Nature, Adventure
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We trace our route back through the oak and rhododendron forests to Lata Village. Once we reach Lata village we break to catch our breath and bid good bye to the village before we hike a little further to our awaiting vehicles.

We drive to Joshimath and stay the night.

  • Lata Kharak 12140 ft
  • Lata Village 7776 ft
  • Joshimath 6201 ft
30 km 11 km
None +
Budget Hotel
Trekking, Village Walk, Jungle Walk, Photography
Nature, Adventure
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We bid good bye to the Dharansi Pass Trek . Folks travelling onwards from Joshimath have a wonderful route drive of 260 kms of winding roads and valleys ! Enjoy the drive.

  • Joshimath
  • Rishikesh/Haridwar/Dehradun
260 km None
None +

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Dates and Prices

Duration Price for Couple Price for Single Price per Child

Oct 01, 2022 - Oct 08, 2022


Other Details


  • Drive from Joshimath to Lata road head and back
  • Accommodation and food in Joshimath on the first and last day.
  • Stay and accommodation during the trek
  • All meals starting from dinner on Day 1 to dinner on the 2nd last day.
  • Rentals for all common gear provided to you like tent, sleeping bags etc.
  • Forest entry permit charges.
  • Guide charges
  • Maximum Group Size : 12

  • 5% GST
  • Transport from Rishikesh to Joshimath ( 260 KMS) and back. We can arrange a Tata sumo/ Bolero category of vehicle for INR 6000 and INR 8000 INR for an Innova- This is based on actual cost of transport
  • Meals or drinks purchased by participants during the travel or trek (example biscuits, fruits etc)
  • Rentals for personal gear
  • Trek Insurance (Optional)
  • Flight/Train/Bus ticket till Dehradun
  • Backpack offloading charges. You are expected to carry your own backpack. Trekkers unable to do so can opt for a porterage service at 400/day.

Please adhere to this advisory for a smooth trip:

  • No alcohol on trek
  • Respect privacy of other guests
  • You will be staying at villages, please respect the locals and their practices
  • Don't pluck fruits with out the permission of the locals
  • This is a Zero Plastic trip , please carry your water bottles
  • All waste produced on the trek will be disposed properly at the villages. No tossing waste on the trail

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