Composting for DUMMIES!
In this 1 hour paid online workshop, you will learn simple steps to make your own compost from your everyday kitchen waste - vegetable peels, fruit cores etc. We will also be answering questions about everything composting. If you have tried composting and have any specific question, feel free to ask during the workshop. ₹ 299/- Only
Purva Nagpal
Sakib Khan
Convert everyday kitchen waste into magic soil!

Why should you attend this workshop:

Because you will be your family's super hero! Far out you say - we say, decide for yourself :

Global Warming

For starters composting helps in reducing global warming. How? When we dispose waste, it usually ends up in huge landfills which lack sunlight and oxygen, resulting in degradation (not decomposition) of the waste, which in turn produces Methane, a green house gas which is far more toxic than Carbon dioxide.

Growing your own Organic food

Composting naturally leads to gardening, gardening leads to flowers and eventually fruits and vegetables. You can grow your own fruits and vegetables in the nutrient rich soil translates to your very own -home grown -Organic food

A Green lifestyle

A green life style in true sense. When was the last time you planted a tree or consciously avoided using products which cause environmental harm? Lets face it , rarely or whenever the opportunity presents itself in the larger social circle. By composting you will start to adapt to a truly green lifestyle and see through so many possibilities.

Leading by example

A good leader leads by example and since you are the commander in chief of your household , you will be inculcating a self sustainable green ecosystem for years to come.

Learning a new skill

It always good to learn new skills. This one ensures you and your family have a healthy mind and body. Whats more it will also save you significant cost in the long run.

Hmm, Alright so is this complicated?

The process of composting (making manure/fertiliser out of the food waste we throw away) is:

  • Simple
  • It saves us the cost of store-bought fertilisers
  • Is absolutely natural (chemical free)
  • Is great for the environment
  • Is great for the plants at our homes
  • Is great for wellness

Participants are requested to have these items handy:

  • Bucket (will teach where to make holes in them)
  • Dry leaves/cocopeat
  • Kitchen waste
  • Knife/scissor
  • Water
  • One handful soil (preferably from under an old tree)

Hmmm looks like this is doable, but how do we compost?

Join us for a online interactive program via zoom on the 22 August 2020 from 4-5 PM to start composting !

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Sakib Khan - Facilitator

Profile: Mother Earth's favourite son, Sakib defies easy definition. He spent his youth navigating the streets of Old Delhi.He realised early on that street life and community educated him better than the classroom and textbook. He chose to squeeze every moment of life's potential for learning. After spending a few years making sandwiches , he began, learning slow food cooking and urban farming. He then volunteered and helped organise the IPC 2017. He has many talents. He acts in plays in Mandi House and clowns in hospitals to make the sick smile. He makes natural buildings, soaps, jewellery, colours and detergents. An up cycling master who brings all kinds of rubbish to life. Tribal rhythms pulsate through his drumming and made him the beating heart of the last LSUC. A shape-shifting master of many skills who shares all his knowledge with the generosity of the earth, Sakib deeply embodies the spirit of independent, free, self-designed learning.

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