Real time travel tips for introverts
The travel bug hasn’t spared even the meekest of individuals to step out and explore. Pictures of half naked revellers jumping off a lagoon, may be a opportunity to meet a beautiful someone or an experience which translates to some real soul cleansing ! While all of us look forward to such a get away, some can’t seem to indulge in the moment
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# Dive in Alone

Travel is about being open to experiences, both even and odd ones. Overcome your apprehension of an event by being open to any outcome , even it is not upto your liking. Spend time doing the things that your persona is comfortable with. If that means spending time alone ,do it, eventually you will find a sweet- spot between your travails for alone time and urge to socialise. And in due course when you crave company you will have no choice but to socialise. Be it hopping on the next flight to meet a friend in a neighbouring city or striking up a conversation with a fellow traveller, your inner extrovert will find you.

# Travel with a wing-man or a wing-woman

If you are not a compulsive lone-wolf , consider travelling with one or two close friends. This makes for a perfect dynamic. When you need alone time you can easily break away without the need for any odd moments. Approaching other travellers will be easier as you will be comfortable in the knowledge that you wont have to indulge in small talk alone. Your travel partner will be a hand in glove in things that you aren’t comfortable initiating.

# Be Yourself

Introverts as the popular notion goes are not anti-social. They are individuals who need more alone time between intervals of socialising. But here is the take away ~ introverts are always absorbing or observing the atmosphere around them which makes them more perceptive and hence can connect at a deeper level with a individual. So when they bond they are definitely beyond Facebook friendship.

# Get Off the internet

This is probably one single popular reason why people miss out on people! Get off Insta Scrolls , Facebook updates, Whatsapp texts. Use them strictly when necessary. Doing this will help you fully engage with your surroundings and people. You will not miss out on that sudden photo op , may be even exchanging a glance with that someone! ~ this is possible only when you aren’t staring away at one of your smart gadgets!

# Resisting FOMO

For unaware souls FOMO is fear of missing out.

Instead of enjoying what’s around you, you spend more time worried that your travels don’t look the way they’re supposed to. There are probably these images running in your head about whats it supposed to look like ! Oh yeah all those gazillion images online can trigger the feeling~ but what they don’t display is the myriad edits these images took to get to your screen.

# Assume

ASS-U-ME, that's what assumption does. Don’t assume about a situation , place or a individual. If there’s anything on your mind or if curiosity is getting the better of you, step up and confront the thought through an action. If not the non-action will eat into your bliss and you would not have an answer to the question~ What if i Had~ this is your insurance for a similar situation in the future.

#Be Content

Don’t worry about how many likes your social post has got or be anxious that everyone else is having more fun while you’re chilling on your own or that your buddy got lucky while you couldn’t ! This is your trip and you can perceive the experience the way you want to. If what you return with is a few titles ticked off your reading list, a tan on your body and a smile on your face, that’s cool. Theres always a next time for those incomplete wishes or secret desires.

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