Scuba Introduction Tour
Scuba for beginners

An introductory course in to the world of under water diving popularly known as Scuba Diving. This experience, guided by professionals ,will introduce you to the exciting , untouched marine world like you have never seen before.A half-day program, where an instructor briefs you on basic theory and takes you out into the ocean for a short skills practice session, followed by a full fledged dive in a reef.Suit up to meet Nemo- up close and personal !

Note: We encourage responsible tourism. Practice these guidelines while on a trip!


3* Hotel
Beach Resort

Service Level

Half Board




Non Veg


10 to 65 years



Fitness Guide

  • Should be able to walk 2-3 KM without fatigue
  • No pre-existing medical condition
  • Swimming not required

Who is this tour for?

Solo Men, Solo Women, Young Age Couple, Middle Age Couple , Senior Couple, Group of Couples, Group of Singles, Family & Friends
Tour Map

Tour Experience

A half-day program, where an instructor briefs you on some basic theory and takes you out into the ocean for a short skills practice session, followed by a proper dive on a reef.

This program is designed to give you a taste of diving and a chance to experience in the underwater world. It’s safe, it’s easy and lot's of fun!

  • Guided dive of the reef with a dive professional
  • Total in-water time of approximately 60 min.
  • Introduction to underwater eco system during the drive
  • Learn basic diving skills
  • Learn new skills such as (mask clearing, regulator recovery and air sharing)
  • Short skills practice session
  • 1:1 diver to instructor ratio
  • Under water photos and videos
  • Dive with India's most experienced dive team

*Notify if accommodation is needed. Since this is a day trip, accommodation is not included

2N/ 1D

Departure: Any day

You will be doing:

Scuba Diving
Underwater Photography

You will be experiencing:

Marine Life
Scuba Diving


1 Indian Ocean

Today is going to be a memorable day. You are going underwater in the midst of the Indian Ocean. Exploring the mystic marine world amidst its inhabitants is a special experience. Let that sync in!

Your instructor will brief you on some basic tasks and signs (while underwater) before heading out to the ocean. Once you are away from the shore en-route to a pre-selected dive site , the underwater adventure begins.

On an average day , we typically get to see mixed schools of reef fish, everything from surgeonfish, rabbitfish, parrotfish, butterflyfish, bannerfish , snappers, sweetlips queenfish and chubs, to hunting trevallies, needlefish , barracudas and much more

  • Neil Island
  • Havelock Island
None +
Available on Request
Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography
Nature, Marine Life, Scuba Diving

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Other Details

  • All diving equipment such as oxygen cylinder, mask etc,
  • Boats
  • Professional dive instructor
  • Dive Registration
  • Under water photos and videos

  • Extra person
  • Extended dive time
  • Swim wear
  • Media storage device

  • Carry Swimwear
  • Carry towel
  • Carry a USB stick or memory card for your underwater photo and videos
  • Stay with the instructor at all times
  • Do not confuse this with a 10 minute "Try Scuba " program offered by tour operators, which consists of 10 minutes of non-exploratory experience.

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