Stairway to heaven-A Walking Holiday in the North East
Guwahati, Langwaket ,Mawkyrnot, Shnongpdeng, Sohra, Brahmaputra, Pomsuthia , Nongriat

The tiny state of Meghalaya has it all! The longest single drop water fall, The Longest root bridge in the world, The tiniest river island in the world ,The longest cave system in India,The rainiest places in the world and the list goes on! Join Ecohunters on this epic trip as we travel across mesmerising landscapes in the North East

Note: We encourage responsible tourism. Practice these guidelines while on a trip!


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All Inclusive




Non Veg


8 to 60 years



Fitness Guide

Must be comfortable walking through uneven terrain

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Solo Women, Solo Men, Young Age Couple, Middle Age Couple , Family with Kids, Family with Parents, Group of Couples, Group of Singles, Mixed Group, Family & Friends

Note: This is a group tour. Minimum group size is None people

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The north east has always been mystical and awe inspiring . Join us on this walking holiday as we take you deeper into the heart of North East. Discover off beat places , quaint villages , living root bridges , the wettest places on earth and much more. Pdiang Sngewbha

🧭Check out the awe inspiring bio engineering of living root bridges

🧭Trek across idyllic villages

🧭Hike through sub tropical forests

🧭Go on a elephant safari at the Pobitra Wild life park

🧭Meet the one horned rhino

🧭Hike to the head of the longest single drop water fall in India

🧭Indulge in boating at the Umgot

🧭All Inclusive trip

7N/ 8D

Departure: Fixed

You will be doing:

River Rafting
Wild life spotting
Lake Boat Riding
Soft Water Sports

You will be experiencing:

High Altitude
World Heritage Site
Hill Station


1 Welcome Traveller

Welcome to Guwahati ! The gateway to the North East .

Our first stop for today is Langkawet. We have a long drive to reach our first stop -Langkawet so hop on and off we go!

If we find a clear route , we will stop by the Umaim lake for an hour . Indulge in water sports like Kayaking, Scooting, Water cycling, boating or simply immerse yourself in the beautiful surroundings.

After this short break we proceed to Langkawet, our base for the next 3 days.

  • Guwahati Airport
  • Umaim Lake
  • Langkawet
160 km None
None +
Eco Resorts
Kayaking, Lake Boat Riding, Soft Water Sports, Drive
Nature, Road Trip
Lunch, Dinner

Its an exciting day ahead of us. Today is all about hikes , living root bridges and waterfalls.

We first set off for Mawkyrnot. Our agenda here is to explore the living root bridges including the longest root bridge in the world. After a 3 hour hike through the dense foliage of shrubbery, we reach the living root bridges. Its a awe inspiring sight. By now all that hiking must have made you hungry !

Before we proceed further we stop for a traditional Khasi lunch at Pongthung. With tummies full we set off for Pomshutia Village. This village harbours an amazing waterfall in a secluded spot. It takes about an hours hike to reach the waterfall. After exploring the waterfall we head back to Langkawet.

  • Langkawet
  • Mawkyrnot
  • Pomshutia
  • Langkawet
40 km 10 km
Home Stays
Hiking, Village Walk, Short Treks, Explore Living Root Bridges, Hike to Waterfall
Nature, Adventure
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

If you are a water baby you are going to love this day! As dawn breaks we will drive to Wahkadait. From here we will hike 3 hours to reach Shnongpdeng.

At Shnongpdeng we will refuel ourselves, after a sumptous lunch we play in the Umgnot river. Be mesmerised by the crystal blue waters of the Umgnot, one can see through to the bottom.

Since the current isn't very strong one can indulge in a quick swim and go around for a boat ride which takes an hour. The boat ride along the river takes an hour ! Theres also a tiny island one can visit during the boat ride. Makes for a great castaway story ! We head back to Langkawet for the evening.

  • Langkawet
  • Wahkadait
  • Shnongpdeng
60 km 5 km
Home Stays
Hiking, River Rafting, Soft Water Sports, Swimming, Photography
Nature, Adventure
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We head off early to the village of Tyrna, it is from here we start our hike to the world renowned man made wonder-Double Decker Living Root Bridges.

The hike is steep, like climbing up a sky scrapper with 100 floors , once you get to the top the view and the surroundings are as pristine and humbling. Once you reach the top catch your breathe, take a dip in the stream and relax.

From here we continue the adventure and hike to Rainbow waterfalls.The hike time from Double Decker living root bridges to Rainbow falls is 45 min to 60 min depending upon the pace.

  • Langkawet Village
  • Tyrna Village
  • Nongriat
70 km 5 km
Transit Rest House, Roof top tents
Hiking, Village Stay, Short Treks, Hike to Waterfall, Explore Double Decker Living Root Bridges
Nature, Adventure
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We trek back to Tyrna village to our awaiting vehicles.This will be our last trek on this trip. On reaching Cherrapunji we check in to our handpicked resort and sink in to the soft beds for a well deserved rest.

For the brave , there is a alternate route through a dense evergreen tropical forest which involves a steep climb to reach Nohkhalikai.

After a sumptuous lunch we check in to our accommodation at Cherrapunjee / Sohra ( Different names for same place) .

  • Nongriat
  • Tyrna
  • Cherrapunjee
25 km 7 km
Eco Resorts
Hiking, Jungle Walk
Nature, Adventure
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

One other things the Meghalaya is known for is its stunning cave systems. This is your chance to check out the Mawsmai network of caves. if this is your first experience visiting a cave prepared to be awed at these natural wonders.

After exploring the Mawsami network of caves , we explore waterfalls in Cherrapunjee. The longest water fall in india has a 1100 feet fall and is at a stones throw away from where you are right now.

  • Cherrapunjee
  • Mawsami Village
  • Cherrapunjee
15 km 3 km
None +
Eco Resorts
Hiking, Cave Exploration, Short Treks, Hike to Waterfall
Nature, Adventure
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After bidding ADIEU to Cherrapunjee , we leave the khasi hills behind. Bypassing Shillong we drive towards Guwahati to reach the Pobitora Wildlife sanctuary on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra.

Once we check in , we get ready for a cruise on the Brahmaputra river . The River Cruise allows you to experience the beautiful scenario of riverine areas up to the nearby place at Pobitora called Kajalighat.  We will also visit the smallest islet in India - The Umananda river island.

  • Cherrapunjee
  • Pobitora Wildlife Sancturary
70 km 2 km
None +
Pobitora Wildlife Sancturary
Jungle Resorts
Hiking, River Cruise, Island Visit, Wild life spotting, Bird Watching, Photography
Nature, Wild Life, Adventure
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Its an early day today. We start the day with a elephant safari in the Pobitora.

Pobitira has various mammals like Golden jackal, Wild boar,  Water buffalo. Barking deer, Indian leopard, after greeting these habitants of the park. You will realise Wild life spotting is so much fun on an elephant than 4 wheels of a hard top vehicle.

Post the safari we will participate in an education session about the conservation efforts and initiatives in the Pobitora Wild life sanctuary and its surrounding villages.

We bid ADIEU to the trip and drive to Guwahati airport.

  • Pobitora Wildlife Sancturary
  • Guwahati Airport
60 km None
None +
Elephant Safari, Conservation Initiatives Session, Bird Watching, Photography
Nature, Wild Life
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Other Details


  • Accommodation for 7 nights in resorts or homestay's
  • All meals from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 8.
  • Transfers by taxi (Toyota Innova or Tempo Traveler, depending on the size of the group)
  • Forest entry fees
  • Guide charges
  • Parking charges
  • Elephant safari at Pobitora
  • River cruise at Pobitora
  • GST
  • Travel expenses from your city to Guwahati and back 
  • Room service, personal expenditure such as buying bottled water, drinks etc. 
  • Entry fees at sight-seeing spots in Sohra

Things to note while on the trip

When going to Nongriat, we will leave all our luggage behind except things that we will need for a night there. So please carry a daypack too. This will be also be useful for carrying water, some snacks, medicines etc. during treks.

Carry snacks such as energy bars, biscuits, hard-boiled sweets and Electral or Electrobion for oral re-hydration.

Water is safe to drink in these places but you may want to carry personal purifier bottles.

Airtel and Aircel coverage is available in most places. None of the other providers have reliable coverage in remote parts of Meghalaya and Assam.

Do minimise non-biodegradable items that you carry. When visiting places that do not have waste municipal waste management facilities, all non bio-degradable trash has to be carried back for safe disposal in the next town or city.

A checklist of things to carry to the root bridges

  • Water Bottle — it is very important to carry water with you while trekking. Carry a good bottle with you, so that, instead of purchasing plastic water bottles, you can easily refill your own. The water is super clean and fresh.
  • Spare Clothes — After reaching the double-decker living root bridges, there is no way that you won’t want to take a dip in the river below. So, carry spare clothes with you to change into. There is a proper washroom where you can change as well.
  • Money — Carry extra cash with you because you’ll need it for various purchases along the way, such as the entry charges, and food.
  • Hiking Shoes — The walk to the double-decker living root bridges is long and you will cross several uneven paths. Having a good pair of shoes is an absolute must.
  • Bug Spray — You will be walking in the jungle and will encounter loads of bugs. Be prepared for it.
  • Rain cover/Poncho — If you are travelling here during the monsoon season ensure that you are carrying a rain cover to prevent yourself from getting drenched.
  • Snacks — Bring energy giving products such as fruits, energy bars. It is very easy to get tired and drained out.

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