Hidden Meghalaya
A 7 day adventure for to the lesser travelled regions of Meghalaya covering Wankhen, King of rocks, Sohra and more

Feel the (living) root bridges breathe , trek to a village which will take you back in time , play in a river filledwith as many adventures as the fish in it. Sleep under starry skies by a river side , dive in to its crystal clear waters when you awake and we are just getting started . Welcome to Hidden Meghalaya with Ecohunters - Theres no place like it !

Note: We encourage responsible tourism. Practice these guidelines while on a trip!


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18 to 65 years



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Group of Couples, Young Age Couple, Group of Singles, Family & Friends, Middle Age Couple
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This hidden gem of an itinerary is reserved for travellers who are prepared to veer off popular trails, which have been devoid of their own riches, as a result of over tourism, due lack of information. Spend your days hiking over bamboo bridges, and through crevices. Jump into clear pools of water and relive the simple joys of childhood.

🧭 Trek to King of rocks - We thank the people of Wankhen village who made this route possible.

🧭 Explore Wankhen village - indulge in a local lunch by the rocks

🧭 Hike along the unexplored Wahroh river

🧭 Dive into the crystal clear water of the Wahroh river

🧭 Hike to Mawlynnong Village through an unexplored trail of root bridges, waterfalls, natural pools

🧭 Drive to the border of Bangladesh for a day trip

🧭 Jump from 6, 12 or 20 feet cliffs into the crystal clear waters of Dawki

🧭 Try Snorkelling or Rappelling

🧭 Camp by the river side under the stars

🧭 Explore the most densely populated area of living root bridges in Meghalaya

🧭 Explore hidden gems of Sohra

6N/ 7D

Departure: Fixed

You will be doing:

Mountain Climbing
Bird Watching
Village Walk
Jungle Walk
Village Stay
Short Treks
Local Interaction
Cave Exploration
Star Gazing
Camp Fire
Explore Living Root Bridges
Hike to Waterfall
Explore Double Decker Living Root Bridges

You will be experiencing:

High Altitude
Night life
Village Life
Hill Station
Regenerative Travel


1 Welcome

Welcome to the Rock Capital of the North East !

We will meet and greet you at the Guwahati airport on arrival. We will immediately start driving towards a more secluded Meghalaya. As we begin your drive we will be playing musical chairs across two borders on the same stretch of road - Assam and Meghalaya. Enroute we will make a short stop at Umaim Lake , Nongpoh to enjoy the panorama , stretch our legs and dig into the local flavour of fruits and beverages !

We suggest you pick up a handful of fresh fruits to savour along the ride.

Once we reach Shillong get out and enjoy the local night life at many cafes, pubs, local markets.

  • Guwahati
  • Shillong
105 km None
None +
Home Stays

This trail is one of the best kept secrets of Meghalaya ! Also known as the Bamboo trail, this trail was painstakingly constructed by the villagers with sheer ingenuity over a period of several months. See it to believe it!

Starting from the remote village of Wankhen we walk across the meticulously crafted route built along jagged edges of rock staring down at the unfathomable depth of the valley. The feeling is exhilarating as your senses dance with abandon and amusement when you begin to realise the sheer will and ingenuity of the villagers who put this together ,one word sums it - respect ✊

We continue on our trail crossing several bamboo ridges along the emerald Wahroh river, till we reach a gorge which leads to the Mighty Mawrynkhang, a legendary rock soaring towards the sky from the base of a lush river , cloaked in forest.

Spend the day hiking over bamboo bridges, and through crevices. Jump into clear pools of water and indulge in a simple local lunch by the rocks.

Home Stays
Breakfast, Lunch

Today is a relatively easy hike. We are headed to Mawlynnong Village- awarded as Asias cleanest village by Discovery India.

This is a picturesque hike, Enroute we will come across multiple root bridges, water falls, natural pools. This is your playground for the rest of the day until we heads back to our accommodation to rest for the night

30 km 4 km
Home Stays
Hiking, Explore Asias Cleanest Village
Nature, Adventure
Breakfast, Lunch

If you are a water baby you are going to love this day! As dawn breaks we will drive towards the Bangladesh border . From here we will reach Shnongpdeng.

At Shnongpdeng we will refuel ourselves, after a sumptous lunch we play in the Umgnot river. Be mesmerised by the crystal blue waters of the Umgnot, one can see through to the bottom. Dive off from 12 ft, 20 ft cliffs into the emerald waters .

Since the current isn't very strong one can indulge in a quick swim and go around for a boat ride which takes an hour. Theres also a tiny island one can visit during the boat ride. Makes for a great castaway story !

We settle down over a bonfire at the river side camp for the evening

30 km None
River Rafting, Kayaking, Swimming, Snorkelling, Camp Fire
Nature, Adventure
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Its an exciting day ahead of us. Today is all about hikes , living root bridges and waterfalls.

We first set off for Mawkyrnot. Our agenda here is to explore the living root bridges including the longest root bridge in the world. After a 3 hour hike through the dense foliage of shrubbery, we reach the living root bridges. Its a awe inspiring sight. By now all that hiking must have made you hungry !

Before we proceed further we stop for tea and snacks with a local host .With tummies full we set off for a drive to Sohra which is 90 min away, tiring but a memorable day!

60 km 4 km
Eco Resorts
Hiking, Explore Living Root Bridges, Cave Exploration, Village Walk, Jungle Walk
Nature, Adventure
Breakfast, Lunch

Today, we explore places that aren’t found on google search. Spend the day at some hidden gems in the region, swim in natural pools under waterfalls and watch the sunset behind the Bangladesh plains!

One other things the Meghalaya is known for is its stunning cave systems. This is your chance to check out the Mawsmai network of caves. if this is your first experience visiting a cave prepared to be awed at these natural wonders.

After exploring the Mawsami network of caves , we explore waterfalls in Cherrapunji. The longest water fall in india has a 1100 feet fall and is at a stones throw away from where you are right now.

50 km 2 km
None +
Eco Resorts
Breakfast, Lunch

We bid Adieu to the North East; The drive from Cherrapunji to Guwahati takes 6 hours, book your flights post 5-6 PM IST

  • Cherrapunji
  • Guwahati
150 km None

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Other Details


🏕Breakfast on all days except Day 1

🏕Lunch on Day 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

🏕Dinner on Day 4

🏕Accommodation in homestays, tents and a resort in twin/triple sharing rooms

🏕Internal Transport starting from the airport/ station and back in a Send (Dzire) (2-3), Innova (4-5) or Tempo Traveller(6+)

🏕Local guides on Day 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

🏕Parking, tolls, driver allowance, driver accommodation

🏕E-pass to enter Meghalaya

🏕Bonfires wherever required

🏕Ecohunters Certified Trip Lead

🏕Airfare charges

🏕Trekking shoes and clothing (Any personal equipment)

🏕All food & beverages cost apart from the ones mentioned above

🏕Any camera fees

🏕Any activities like kayaking, Cliff jumping, boating, scuba diving (Ranging from Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 per activity)

🏕Any personal expenditure (Toiletries, medicines, etc.)

🏕Cost incidental to any change in the itinerary/ stay on account of flight cancellation due to bad weather, ill health, roadblocks and/or any factors beyond control.

🏕Hotel & driver tips if any, since the locals earn low wages, your tips can show your appreciation)

🏕Anything not specifically mentioned under the head "Inclusions".

🏕This trip contains short, steep jungle treks

🏕This is a guided tour with a guide from accompanying you till the completion of the trip

🏕Carry hiking shoes preferably water proof

🏕Please carry Govt. ID’s

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