Here's a crash course on the eight sisters
May of us want to visit the North East and have seriously explored the idea at-least once. There are a few who have a picture about the history and the present of these 8 sisters. You would be surprised to read how advanced or should i say forward thinking , inclusive their society is. This blog aims to bring forth a few things, many of us would not be aware off ! Read on and be informed !
Team Ecohunters

Recently Hon. Governor of Arunachal-Pradesh @PB Acharya said “Indians know more about the US than the North East of India. He made a valid point. Very few of us know about the North East. Here are some surprising facts we should know about the North East.

  1. There are Eight States in North East: Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Tripura, Sikkim and Nagaland.
  2. There are nearly 220 languages spoken in the North East. It is a mix of Tibetan, South East Asian and East Indian cultures.
  3. North East is the only part of India the Mughal empire could not conquer.
  4. The Ahom dynasty which ruled the North East for 600 years is the longest unbroken dynasty in Indian history
  5. The World’s largest river island , The Majuli and the Worlds smallest river island, Umananda, both are in the North East.
  6. Seven prominent national parks of India are located in the North East.
  7. Shillong is considered as the rock capital of India
  8. Mawsynram in Meghalaya holds the guiness Worls Record for the wettest place on Earth.
  9. Sualkuchi in Assam is one of the worlds largest weaving villages whee the entire population is engaged in weaving silk fabrics
  10. Mugs, the golden silk of Assam is not produced anywhere else in the World.
  11. 70% of the country’s orchids are found in North East
  12. Mizoram and Tripura are states with the highest literacy rate in India.
  13. North East and its villages are the cleanest region in India.
  14. There is no dowry system in North East.

And there's more but hopefully this should be enbough to indpire you to pack those bags and head out for a unforgettable getaway. Do check out #ecohunters exclusive adventure and leisure itineraries to the North East

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