Mandala Art
In this workshop, Prerna will guide us through the techniques to create beautiful Mandalas. She will also show us how to make different kinds of traditional backgrounds using tea/coffee and turmeric. The workshop will be interactive, and Prerna will talk to us, and look at our progress to guide us individually. ₹ 330/- Only
Purva Nagpal
Prerna Sharma

What is Mandala Art

Mandala art is intricate design which is usually circular in form. A deep-rooted part of many spiritual practice of Hinduism and Buddhism, Mandala literally means circular. Once the basics of the art form are understood, we can improvise and create our own designs!

Why should i attend this workshop

We will each make a Mandala through the course of the workshop, learn different techniques, get ideas about how to improvise, and get to talk to like minded people. Mandala art is known to be a great stress buster, and great for increasing concentration. The skills acquired in the workshop are sure to be useful for life!

Participants are requested to keep these items Handy:

  • Plain white A4 size paper
  • Compass
  • Pencil Hb
  • Eraser
  • Black pen micron 0.1 and 0.2
  • Protractor
  • Scale

I am excited - what should i do to attend ?

Join us for a online interactive program via zoom on the 23 August 2020 from 4-5:30 PM to start designing your very own Mandalas !

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Prerna - Facilitator Profile

Prerna is an architect, an entrepreneur and a passionate artist. She has been practicing Mandala making for years, finding solace and inspiration in this meditative art form. She loves to experiment with, and master different techniques, deeply connecting with each of her creations! She loves combining elements of traditional mandalas with modern, almost intuitive aesthetics. In doing so, she has already garnered a dedicated following.

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